Wien, AU

I am so used to always being on the go, in the seat next to driver in a small Peugeot which is running around the city. What I love the most are those Sunny days when I jump out of the car I see the huge surface of water. At that moment I know that we will be enjoying ourself in front of the Danube river, I will chill under the sunbed while A works or hangs out with someone. I don’t mind having a company to play with, but I think my favourite thing is just enjoying moments of relaxation in nature while A is next to me- the most important thing for me.

Now, I would like to tell you about a nice few days I spent in Wein. I was always with the company, I saw new things and sights and I had a chance to drive in some new means of transport.

It all begins with a spontaneous sitting in the car in front of our building with A, a guy and a girl. I didn’t exactly know who those people were but they were very interesting. Afterwards, I met this girl B, we traveled with her, I soon realized that for the next few days we will be sharing the same home.

I was a bit confused for the first night, but soon I got used to new environment because B and her boyfriend are lovely. The 4 of us even shared meals… That is something my A never got me used to but I realised that this is a special occasion. A few of tasty bits will have to replace the dog food, but you know what they say, some thing are not meant for every day.

We set in the car, I felt like we were traveling for a very long time, even though I was asleep for the most of the trip. Like most of us dogs, I am a nice one so I don’t ask for much, just not to be hungry and thirsty. No one asked about me on the border, like I don’t even exist. I know I am small but I am important and have had my pasport. Oh well, I did get petted and offered to eat drink and use bathroom multiple times.

When we arrived, the weather was cold, but the very next day the Sun was shining and it didn’t even make sense to go indoors unless we were sleeping. With that in mind, I would fall into a deep sleep during night and during the day I would get serious muscle soreness for walking.

We visited a variety of squares, sights restaurants and butiques. I was welcome everywhere. It seems like I was even more welcomed than in our country. We didn’t go to any museums and parks because I am not allowed to go in, so for the next time I will go on a play date while A visits the stuff she couldn’t this time. (Stadtpark, Schönbrunn, Belvedere..) But it looked like she didn’t mind my presence and I was welcomed at most places we went to.

The dogs are allowed inside all of the public transport. There is a sign that they should be in dog cage, but I think that stands for bigger dogs. I was so afraid of escalator, but I know that the problem is in me, and I enjoyed being carried around, it is not easy to walk around when it’s crowded.

We went to this Peruan restaurant Quero where the door was opened for me as well as Losteria restaurants, where I enjoyed in the Italian food with A and B. We walked around the entire centar of the city, Becirk 1 and Becrik 2, and we checked out Donauinsel with Cafes which are spreading across the Danube river. Right there was the best part, chilling in the sun next to the shore.

Wein is really big, we will visit there again for sure, but we had such a dynamic time there, it seems as we passing through some sights quite fast. We visited Sofitel, it was very nice and very exclusive hotel with a penthouse restaurant Das Loft, completely surrounded by the glass windows which allows the view on to the entire city. There were two frowned men standing at the entrance, which made me think that I was not welcomed, but one gentle smile had me convinced I was wrong.

We never went out for real, I don’t know why, maybe I was excess or we were just too tired in the evening, so I can’t tell you much about that. But I did run around in the streets in my cute outfits and people were often walking up to me with words such as „Shöner Hund“, „Süßer Hund“ they wanted to pet me and mess up my hair style a little bit.

One evening I went to Noli, he is a cute male Bichon. I don’t know how he acts with other girls, but to me he sure did seem like he’s realy in love with me. He had bought a cap, tie and a hoodie, he got all made up and waited for me to come visit. I believe that since he is such nice looking he could have any German girl, but for now he doesn’t interest me I don’t like long distance relationships.

I realized that if there is no sign, dogs are allowed. My conclusion is that Wein is pet friendly and I would visit it again because I made new friends and I really got to like them, this was a really nice and preasant stay for a dog. Sure, it was more interesting when you are blessed with sunny and nice days, but if you get dressed and prepared winter can be pretty good as well. I don’t drink wine, but I love fairs, music and people in a nice mood. I heard the whole Decembar here is just like that so I hope to visit Wein in this season one day.

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