EU Tour & Cesar Millan show

Early in the morning, no breakfast in sight, a quick walk around the building (probably to get me tired) and I am in the back seat laying knowing the drive may take a while.
On the way we stopped to pick up a familiar and dear face M, the camera and the tripod, well this seems ok it’s just like a regular day for me.

A little bit of music and chilling, here I am with some new adventures.
Taking a tour of a few European metropolis but this time in our car. The goal was to meet Cesar Milan in the Prague, getting the fabric for our new line of little clothes and spending some quality time together which always comes with travelling.

Last time I learned that there is a bus for Wein that is completely pet-friendly, I also realized that I had my picture in the passport for nothing, when we were on our side of Hungarian border they didn’t even ask for my paperwork. But as my dear A says „It’s better to have everything in case if just one customs officer is not in the mood and has a right to ask us for every single thing.
After Hungary there is no more borders and no more hold ups, I am not completely sure about the procedures in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia which we visited, but the rules are same as the most of the EU countries- a passport, a chip, a vaccine for rabies, a note from a veterinarian and the certificate.

We spent one day in Budapest. It was surprising how Hungarian people were friendly to dogs, even in restaurants, in a short time we were there I felt very nice. Other than a short visit to the centre of the city and an evening out there was not much more to see, just a lot fabrics in the textile store and a meeting in a Dogmopolite salon where our partners scheduled one more meeting.
A has already been to Budapest but I am really hoping that she will bring me for a longer visit because this city is gorgeous.
We stopped at the Parndorf on our way from Budapest to Wein and in a much more familiar Wein we spent one beautiful day, Generally it was dynamic and restless, but I don’t actually mind as long as I am with A 24h per day.
In Wein I bathed in a bathtub and I was beautified for 2 hours, A and M were looking at me with such satisfaction, I smelled lovely and I was so white and shiny! Tomorrow I will meet the most famous trainer and dog whisperer Cesar Milan with style.

The final destination, Prague and the Cesar Milan show in the 02 Arena, the result is our wish to meet this showman in person. A didn’t want to be just in the crowd or watch him on the screen. When we were in Florida we visited his institute in Fort Lauderdale. We had contacted him via e-mail a lot of times, but all failed with direct response… until A had find application form for his show. He does these tricks on the stage and for that he always needs 3-4 local candidates.

If you ever have your application approved, they will call you a few hours before the show to rehearse the behaviour of the dog with different people to demonstrate aggression, disobedience and other unacceptable behaviour. To apply you will need a description and a video. A has asked a friend to ring the doorbell and took a video of me when I am all excited because someone is coming over. I am barking and jumping, a little more effort and I would talk. I know that A doesn’t like that kind of behaviour so I try to hold it in, but for this purpose she decided to use it as an example of „disobidiant dog“ and apply for the show with me. Of course we added the description of our occupation, and the application was followed by quick response inviting us to come!
When we arrived to the arena, the procedure is to test aggression and disobedience of 15 more loud dogs, then they told me the sad news, I didn’t make it as a candidate for the show because I was too-well behaved. When it comes to our first mission: We met and took some pictures with Cesar Milan, he even gave an autograph inside my passport, we heard what we do and we arranged his visit to Serbia or at least his intention on which we will be working in the following period.

The show went on very standard, it was interesting and educating, even though it shows principles and theories you can find in his books. He is representing adoption of the dogs across the planet, fighting the abandonment and educating on the topic of achieving better harmony and getting along with your pets.
After these beautiful few days, we are travelling back to Novi Sad, we have a lot of work in May and then maybe some special gift for my birthday… I wonder what it will be, maybe another trip??!

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